Royal Mail Mailsort for huge postage discounts

Royal Mail Bulk Mail Postage Discounts
Advertising Mail and Business Mail Postal Discounts

At CPM, we spcialise in reducing the cost of your direct mail campaigns. By selecting the most cost effective materials and postal service and sorting your Data for the best Royal Mail UK Postal Discounts - we can save you up to 40% (sometimes more) on your postage costs.
Why spend more than you need on Royal Mail postage?

Bulk Mail discounts are available for mailings of 4000 items or more (1000 or more large letters). There are also discounts available for mailings of 1000 or more standard letters.

Centreprint Print & Mail are Accredited by Royal Mail UK to produce mailings to OCR (optical character recognision) and CBC (Customer barcode) requirements.

You don’t need your own account with Royal Mail or to have passed any of the 3 accreditations to gain access to OCR and CBC postal discounts. You’re welcome to use our Royal Mail postage account and/or return address if you wish.

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